How you handle money

Money Taboos

I don’t know about you folks across the waters, but we Brits
have some kind of taboo on talking about money. Large
numbers of us desperately avoid bringing up the ‘M’ word in
conversation – no matter how much stress it causes in our lives.
And money worries are certainly a cause of much anxiety.

Money is one of the subjects couples most frequently avoid or argue about, debt is the least
popular subject to discuss, and we’d rather talk to friends about politics and family scandals
than about how much we earn, how much we owe, how much we spend and how much we’re saving.

Enjoy talking money

Discover the money mindset that will work best for your personality with the Money Archetypes
Quiz (your personality in relation to money) You share with many others your Top 3 Archetypes
and your gifts with money   Yes, you do have them!
Yet your loved ones may have very different traits.  There are 8 different Archetypes.
All will be revealed with the Archetype cards.
They make talking money enlightening, enjoyable and rewarding in more ways than one because

How you do money is how you do everything

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Money worries

In L&G research 41% of people say that money is one of the things that they worry about most,
yet 46% say money is a personal matter that shouldn’t be discussed.

It’s hard to make a meaningful plan for your finances without talking about them, but you can be
guided step-by-step to sort out muddle, relationship friction and anxiety around money in a
friendly way,  and bring the things that you want in life within reach with Money Breakthroughs.

•    Are you a person who loves to save money?  Or a person who loves to indulge in life’s pleasures
and saving is the last thing on your mind?

•    Are you full of great ideas which could give you financial independence if you brought them to
fruition and gave them a monetary value?

•    Do you create income easily but have no idea where the money went?

•    8 Money Archetype Cards
Your top scoring 3 cards show the most powerful actions you can take to maximise your gifts with money








In a few days I’m launching a Money Breakthroughs coaching programme for a small group of people.
Here is your chance to take advantage of tip-top coaching at a fraction of the price of 1on1 option.
We meet by phone and internet so geography is not a problem.

You will gain not only valuable insight into your own patterns, but a fascinating glimpse into other
people’s relationship to money with an understanding of how different it is to yours!
You may remain anonymous but the option is there to ask questions, chat with me and others in the
group, challenge and support each other and share ideas and breakthroughs.

When you take action on what is revealed through the Money Breakthroughs programme,
you will reap rewards many times over and above your investment.

Don’t carry worry, chaos or relationship friction over money into 2016.  Instead, have a
fresh money mindset and an empowering plan in place. The group lasts for 6 weeks and
you will be a different person by the end of it.

Join our merry band and jump aboard!

Contact to express your interest and I will contact you to
discuss this exciting virtual venture!

“As a result of doing Money Breakthroughs my mindset has been
transformed into a positive experience when dealing with money.
The money Archetypes were spot on and learning about their
strengths, challenges and how they work together has been key to
this transformation. Avril is wonderful to work with, leading the
sessions in an open and encouraging way.  During the session I
came up with the mantra ‘Money is a thing of beauty,’ which I now
read when doing my accounts! I’ve realised that I can be true to
myself with my values and still have a financially successful
business and save money. Altogether the session has been
transformative, empowering and fun!”

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