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Spring Cleaning

As the sun begins to shine it can show up a lot of dross, but it doesn’t need to be Spring-time to start afresh.  And do you know that a good spring clean can start with the mind?

How much easier it is to focus when the mind is cleared of mental chatter and clutter. A client described our coaching sessions as de-cluttering his mind allowing him to move ahead in his business. Is your mind beleaguered with unhelpful thoughts and feelings left over from past times, or doubts and fears for the future?  Or maybe a mass of to-do lists, which are frankly undoable.

Is there a critical internal voice sapping your confidence, telling you you’re not good, intelligent, young, old, good-looking enough to accomplish what you dearly wish to? Whose voice is that anyway? Probably taken on from when you were a child. By the way you are not crazy, we all have different aspects of self wanting to get in on the act! That can be sorted out.

Over-thinking is exhausting but you may not realise just how many unuseful thoughts you are trying to process subliminally until you stop for a break. There you are all set for rest and relaxation, lying on your sunbed or running in the park and your body would be grateful if only your mind would give it a rest. And it won’t, or doesn’t know how to. It needs you – the control centre of you – to clear out that clutter and make some space in your mind. Aahh!..wouldn’t that feel good?

Anxiety Clutter

Mind clutter raises anxiety because it just keeps on churning and you may feel vaguely anxious for no apparent reason.
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The adrenaline buzz created by a racing mind is seductive. We can cook up a storm with our thoughts. And adrenaline feels so much better than anxiety that we feel it must be a good thing. You may fear that unless you keep those thoughts whizzing, you will lose your edge. That is a big mistake and here’s why:
Adrenaline is a drug you produce in your body with your thoughts and you can suffer withdrawal symptoms when you stop. What I call the “thinking brain” has the job of producing thoughts willy-nilly for you to pursue, however tedious, worrying and repetitive they are.  It may feel as if thoughts and emotions just happen, but only because we have not learned to harness the power of the central core within us, sometimes called the executive function, which brings the ability to direct and focus the mind in a helpful way. Wouldn’t it be good to switch channels? Or just let thoughts go by when you need a rest?  Unless you find a way to do this, you will never be free to reap the benefits and rewards of taming the mind which are immense.  You will find the body and the mind work so much better in a tension-free environment.

Here are 3 of my De-cluttering tips:

Tip 1 – Positive Imagination

Imagine you are entering a room full of junk. The objects represent your unwanted thoughts. One by one put them in bin bags and then take them out to the waste disposal. Go back into that room in your mind, throw open the windows and let some fresh air blow through.  Clean and make changes for your comfort and enjoyment. Turn it into a totally relaxing environment.  Maybe leave the scent in your room that reminds you of a time you felt totally at ease – freshly cut grass, your favourite perfume, hot sun on a timber cabin, and return to that room in your mind whenever you need refreshment.

Tip 2:  Slow the Pace

Allow your mind to slow down however uncomfortable it feels at first. The mind settles naturally when you set your intention to let thoughts pass.  With practise you will get through the fidgety stage. Remember that thoughts and feelings are passing phenomena unless you grasp onto them.  Give yourself a time limit for this to reassure the thinking brain that you’re not becoming a vegetable.  You have to be strategic with the thinking brain otherwise it fears redundancy!  Be kind and patient with yourself, practise every day just for a few minutes and you will notice the difference in no time.

Tip 3 – Be Now with Mindfulness

Mental chatter quietens when you enjoy the present moment with your senses: a cloud, a bird, a shower, a nice cup of tea (I am English!). Make it a habit to stop, then see, hear, touch something, anything around you in the outside world. Do not start telling yourself stories about these things: such as that counter needs washing, or that door needs fixing.  Just keep your awareness gently moving through your sensations in the moment. Should thoughts interrupt you, and they invariably will, just gently escort your awareness back to your sensations right now. [3 ways to Free the Mind]

You really can learn to feel empowered with choice and control over your thoughts; feeling comfortable in your skin, and seeing things more clearly in perspective. Put these tips into practise and organise your mind to get more out of life.

Change Your Mind and You Change Your World

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