Money Worries? De-clutter your mind with Money Breakthroughs!

A client once described our coaching sessions as de-cluttering the mind and this can include your money worries too, How you do money is how you do everything! Which is why a fresh attitude and plan with money can transform every aspect of your life.

Need a fresh money mindset?

I am excited to introduce you to my Money Breakthroughs System. If we’ve worked together before, you will know the mix of practicality and getting to the emotional roots of what is preventing you being your best that I bring to coaching and this is what I will bring to you right through this programme.

How you handle money

There are lots of money sticking points, but is this you?

You would love the freedom that financial independence brings, but sabotage your efforts by being unable to draw a boundary around where your money goes. You may not even know where it went!

Tip: you may be putting an unconscious limit on the amount of money you are comfortable having.

Money isn’t high on your priority list; or you feel it’s not “nice” to be concerned with money and don’t feel comfortable around the topic, although secretly you would love to have more to spend not only on yourself, but other people and causes dear to you

Tip: Changing the way you perceive money and people could liberate you in all areas of your life. Having money does not make you “bad”, and lack of it does not equate with being a “good” person.

You may make or save money easily but feel it’s never enough, which can lead to always saving for that rainy day and never enjoying life’s pleasures today.

Tip: You can be released by a new mindset from one underpinned by fear or obsessiveness and compulsion around money.

With an entirely new way of thinking about, handling and talking about money, Money Breakthroughs can help you feel empowered around money matters

Are you a person who loves to save money? Or are you a person who loves to indulge in life’s pleasures and saving’s the furthest thing from your mind? Are you full of great ideas which could give you financial independence if you brought them to fruition and gave them a monetary value?

Discover the money mindset that will work best for your personality with the money archetypes assessment (your personality in relation to money)..

Contact for a free Money Breakthroughs call with me to discover how you could open a fresh window on the world of you and your money.

As a result of doing Money Breakthroughs my mindset has been transformed into a positive experience when dealing with money. The money Archetypes were spot on and learning about their strengths, challenges and how they work together has been key to this transformation. Avril is wonderful to work with, leading the sessions in an open and encouraging way, she tailors the session to work on what is most beneficial to you. During the session I came up with the mantra ‘Money is a thing of beauty,’ which I now read when doing my accounts! I’ve realised that I can be true to myself with my values and still have a financially successful business and save money. This has resulted in a positive mindset as I set up a creative Arts business. Altogether the session has been transformative, empowering and fun!

Clients have been delighted with the new perspective and transformation Money Breakthroughs brings. For example:

Discover your top 3 Money Archetypes/Personality types, revealing the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future.

Pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and your personal growth.

Learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money, and identify steps you can take to create healthy boundaries and own your value, with confidence and clarity.

Resolve tension or friction in your relationships around how you and others spend or save money.

Action steps you can take immediately to step into your new sense of yourself in relation to money.


This coaching programme has identified my key personality characteristics in relation to money. These are “alchemist”, “nurturer” and “maverick”.  I have worked with Avril to consider how each one reinforces the other to arrive at a more confident and focussed point as a business man.

We also worked a lot on some of my limiting beliefs including an overriding, largely irrational motivation to be a more successful man than my father; difficulty with clarity in considering and processing difficult personal problems leading to negative emotions about myself; never really understanding and developing myself, but instead looking to others for affirmation, culminating in confusion and self-doubt rather than developing a clear personal and professional identity.

I now understand the value of creating a stable emotional foundation, giving myself more time for consideration and growth, and not throwing myself out there for all to examine and prod about.  Before undertaking this programme I was at the start of a journey, a journey I had absolutely no idea which direction it would take.

Nearing the end of the programme I am clearer on my strengths, many of the things which weakened my progress, and have a much clearer cognitive resolve and direction in moving forward. It has made me as a person feel more natural about myself, even accepting myself for the things other people didn’t like about me. I feel stronger, more whole and a force to be reckoned with. I am much more at peace about taking calculated risks and accepting of failure as simply further experience to build on.

I guess I am much more positive about life overall and the results of my work have begun to bear fruit as negotiations with both business partners and suppliers are beginning to flourish and my products are showing signs that there is a great demand for them.

I appreciated Avril’s expertise and a personal, flexible approach to coaching, as a programme  like Money Breakthroughs could  easily have been driven through “coach-and-horses” style.

So, it goes without saying that Avril and this programme has returned me substantial value for money for which I am eternally grateful.

SR  Application Engineer


Cleaning up how you handle money matters leads to better relationships and financial success.

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