Do you seem to hit an unseen barrier when it comes to generating income, or sustaining wealth you gained through hard work, luck or legacy?

A common source of anxiety and frustration for coaching clients is feeling out of control and  mystified as to where the money has gone.  If like them you are unhappy with this situation read on.

What if you changed this so that no matter what level of income you create, it doesn’t just disappear?

This is a little tricky, because strange as it may sound, you have an unconscious limiter on the amount of money you hold on to.  And this is personal to you. We all have an amount of money we feel comfortable with.  Generate more than that mystery number, and you will feel unaccountably uneasy.  Unbeknownst to the rational mind we then go about offloading the excess until we are back to the status quo. This quandary lies behind stories of lottery winners, big money expended, soon back to the lifestyle they had before the windfall.

In Money Breakthroughs we use a neat tool, the money speedometer, to discover your comfort zone figure.  Fall too far below it and you will put the accelerator on to generate more income to top up your bank account.  On the other hand, a higher figure in your bank account triggers you to put the brakes on, slowing down your income or spending it.

I can help you begin to feel comfortable and reap the benefits of increasing that figure.

At base we may feel unworthy to have more wealth than our parents and those we grew up with, or fear that our loved ones and social circle will feel uncomfortable around us.  Part of your brain wants to restore the status quo to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.  And the surest way it knows to do this is to get rid of the perceived source of discomfort – the money.

It comes down to underlying beliefs about yourself and your beliefs are extremely powerful.  They will dictate what you can and cannot achieve in anything you want to do.

You can change this.  When you shift your beliefs about money, you change who you are and what you are capable of.  You can shine in all sorts of ways, both practically and spiritually.

Because how we do money is how we do everything.






Money Breakthroughs



In Money Breakthroughs there are 8 different archetypes (personality types). In the Money Breakthroughs quiz you will discover your top three.  Each archetype has its strengths and limitations with money which when revealed and worked with can transform your relationship to money in a positive way.  And it all starts with understanding and mastering your inner psychology.

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Avril, I was thinking about you and my CBT and Money Breakthroughs sessions as I was successful in both….My goal for the Money Breakthroughs training was to buy a plot of land. I now own the land, which is located at a very peaceful place outside of the town where I live. I never thought that I would achieve this in such a short time…..You do a fantastic job.

CS Clinical Research Consultant and ISO 9001 Auditor ,Germany