Anxiety Breakthroughs Success Stories

Below I quote clients who worked with me primarily with issues of Anxiety and low mood. 4 are women; 5 are men. The first client became anxious during the course of their profession as a lawyer. We met via instant messaging:

‘I would like to say thank you for all you did for me, in helping me realise that I should feel valued as a person both at work and outside of work, and generally helping me put things in perspective when they felt overwhelming. Please feel free to quote me on your website, if I can help encourage people to come to you for help, in the way you have helped me, that’s great.”
JS Lawyer

The second came with a history of underlying anxiety for as long as they could remember. We met via phone sessions:

‘Working with Avril has, in particular, helped me to consciously realise many things about myself that I think otherwise would have remained in the subconscious. This has meant that I am far more equipped to deal with problems when they arise, which is particularly new and exciting concept! Avril is a truly wonderful therapist and coach and her patience and knowledge are extremely broad.

In particular I enjoyed the amount of feedback she would provide during sessions, helping me to understand her way of thinking and why we were working in a particular way. By providing me with “homework” Avril also managed to continue coaching me even on the days when we didn’t have a session, something which I think is incredibly important. I think her methods are unique, and more importantly, they work. I would return to her at any time, a true professional.’
RH Accounts Executive

The third was anxious in specific situations such as panic attacks on the Underground tube train

‘I want to say how happy I am and how successful the treatment was and that it has made such a big difference to my daily life and I apply all the theories we went through whenever I feel a little anxious or worried.’
CC Training & Employment Consultant

The fourth was anxious mostly in social situations. We met via online sessions:

‘From the initial moments of my very first session with Avril, I realised here was someone immediately capable of getting in-tune with my thinking. At no time did I feel uncomfortable working with her, and for someone who is ordinarily guarded about his emotional life, that is testament to Avril’s professional, humane approach to coaching. The only pity is that she was so successful in getting me back on my feet, I no longer need her around!’
ML Civil Servant

I met with this client online:

‘The time that I have spent with you has been very enlightening, I feel that I have made a lot of progress. More importantly my friends and work associates have noticed a difference in me, especially how relaxed I appear.’

This young female pediatrician had failed these exams twice previously due to anxiety e.g. nausea and sleeplessness:

‘Avril, Many thanks for the therapy I received – not only did I sit the exams, but I also managed to score 81% and 61% which are two very good passes!! Thank you again. ‘

I was involved in an NHS Research Trial (Ipcress) delivering Online CBT (cognitive-behavioural Therapy) to NHS patients. The Trial had very good results published in The Lancet, Volume 374, Issue 9690, and generated a reference for my contribution as psychologist on the trial:

‘This is to certify that Avril Allen has completed full training for the provision of Psychological Therapy over the internet. Her work in this area has been assessed by the University of Bristol CBT research team and found to be of the highest quality.’
S. E. Wright, Psychologyonline, Director

I met this client online as part of Ipcress Research Trial:

‘The main gains are an understanding that i can influence my mood and thoughts, and have learnt ways i can do this. (the google analogy stays with me).

I have been able to look at my relationships my roles and my responsibilities. Am now in a position where i can look at what i want and need. And also challenged a very irrational and damaging thought that i have had pretty much my whole life (i am responsible for others emotions) that was really disabling. The responsibility of everyone’s emotions being lifted from my shoulders was incredibly enabling. I perceive my role very differently now and i still have good relationships they are just more healthy. I feel more serenity in accepting the things i cannot change

thank you avril….i will never forget you and the impact you have had on my life. ‘

This client suffered anxieties only in the work situation. We met over the phone:

‘After starting to suffer from anxiousness and panic attacks at work Avril helped me take back control of my thoughts and mind which has allowed me to live and work the way I want. She helped me let go of the small things that don’t matter and gain perspective on those things that are more important. You cannot help but feel you are going to succeed when talking to Avril. She has a reassuring calmness that rubbed off on me and I felt more relaxed and in control after every phone call. Although sceptical at first about working over the phone, these concerns soon disappeared as the results started to be evident. I quickly became comfortable talking to Avril about thoughts and feelings that I wouldn’t normally talk about. I cannot recommend working with Avril enough.’

……and some months later…..

‘Hello Avril, Just a quick message to wish you a very happy Christmas. My holiday has started and it is great to be home with the family. Life at work is still improving and I am far more in control of my thoughts and mind now. I have decided to look for a different job that is more suitable to my strengths etc and there maybe an exciting opportunity to be my own boss and work with my brother in 2011. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you very much again for all your help it has changed my life hugely and also started a real interest in the mind and the science behind it!!! Warmest festive wishes,”
TM Engineer.

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