puma cropped

Posture makes all the difference to the way we feel in a situation. You may not realise you’re tense because you’re used to feeling uncomfortable.  But tension in your body is not only the result of stress & anxiety but causes it.  And other people pick up on it.

It’s a chicken and egg situation.  For example, clients come in curled in on themselves. Check are your shoulders up round your ears? They shouldn’t be because this posture makes you feel anxious.
In short, any closed, tight posture produces tension which the brain reads as danger, and when you feel threatened you are not open to connection with other people. So this is not the way to feel and be successful in meetings, presentations or even your social circle.

Luckily you can shift out of the tension of unnecessary fear and anxiety by changing your thoughts – get my Free Anxiety Breakthroughs Ecourse here.

But you can make a quick start with your posture too. A confident posture gives other people more confidence in you,  An open posture, will help you feel more confident and make you more attractive to others because you appear more approachable and interested in them.

Tips to shift into a confident posture:

1) Breathe deeply and evenly
2) Sit or stand gently upright giving you more room to breathe
3) On the exhale allow your shoulders to soften and widen (don’t force this let it gradually happen)
4) Imagine a big smile spreading across your shoulders
5) Imagine a big smile spreading across your chest
6) Take up the space you occupy fully, proudly and properly

There are many more ways to release tension and take up a confident posture, but don’t you already feel more relaxed yet energised?  You can shift into being powerfully, quietly confident
Connect to find out how.

Creatures know how to do this better than we do. So it helps to imagine you inhabit the body of a relaxed animal. I think” puma” – Your suggestions?