The Troggs“What will you do with your one wild precious life” ? Mary Oliver

“Wild Thing, you make my Heart Sing…….”

Great 60’s track by The Troggs that.  Although that era and my really wild days are well behind me, I do cherish the free spirit aspect of my being and love to foster it in my coaching clients.

o Tired of Battling with unwelcome Thoughts?
o Emotional overload?
o Anxiety getting you down?
o Cluttered mind?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Real freedom exists mostly in the mind. A brain cluttered with unuseful thoughts and emotions can trap you, wherever you go in the world. As somebody said “wherever you go, there you are”.
Anyone know who said that by the way?

On the other hand, when we break free of stale old thought patterns, fresh perspectives can bring liberation. What is more, you can bring about this freedom anywhere, anytime once you have the skills.

Tips for freeing your mind:

Leaves 2

1) Thoughts are not Facts. Let them go by. Imagine your Thoughts stream past like leaves in the wind

2) Invite your Emotions to take a seat in the wings

3) Take a deep breath and release some jitters
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A Hedgehog Tale
Talking of Wild Things here is a Hedgehog tale – our very own (but not for long).

The wildlife of the countryside is one of the compensations and joys of moving away from London. Our garden was wild from neglect when we took the project on, and just for fun I entered Kent Wildlife’s Gardening for Wildlife Awards to learn about wildlife-friendly gardening. We won a bronze – what a hoot! After discovering orchids in the grass,we ceased to mow that area and were rewarded with 50 orchids among various grasses and other plants.

There is a wildlife sanctuary nearby where they mend broken and orphaned wild creatures. They had 30 hedgehogs go through their caring hands one summer and lined me up to release one into the wilder section of our garden. Thus we became the temporary guardian of the wonderful creature you see here.
She came to the sanctuary with injured legs, which were stitched and put back together again. I got the call to collect the extra-round prickly ball of a pregnant hedgehog and after handling her as briefly as possible; just long enough for a photo-shoot, she disappeared into her custom-designed hedgehog house. Later, instead of a prickly backside I saw a ball of nesting grass from our summer prairie in the entrance of her new home.

How she comes or goes is nobody’s business but hers. Hedgehogs can travel 4 miles a night. But she had all she needed for a new start: a cosy home, a wood-pile which harbours beetles – her favourite food, and a wildlife “corridor” though adjacent gardens and woods.

Find out more about setting your mind free and bringing your mind home.

Change your Mind and You Change Your World

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