Anxiety Breakthrough System – Home Study Course

Successful professionals and hard-working business owners are often highly-focused, driven personality types.

This can mean great success in business, but may cause a hidden struggle with anxiety, leading to self-doubt, lack of confidence and knock-on effects on sleep, relationships and physical health.

My Home Study course has been specifically designed for successful business people suffering the effects of stress and anxiety and for their employers and HR managers.

Anxiety Breakthroughs Home Study Programme An online step-by-step programme to be done in your own time At your own pace and in your own space.

What makes Anxiety Breakthroughs different?

Typically, online Anxiety Coaching programmes fall into two distinct camps: – the highly clinical, medical model of coaching from Doctors and psychologists – and the soft-skills based programmes designed by people with no professional background.

There were no professional home study programmes which merged both approaches. Until now.

My Anxiety Breakthroughs Online Home Study Course avoids the clinical direction of a purely medical model.

It offers intelligent, curious, professional people like you a lighter, yet very effective, interesting, yet not too challenging way of tackling anxiety.

Welcome to an educational, forward-focused coaching programme, which will focus on changing your thought patterns, habits, expectations and reactions. Written, designed and delivered by Avril Allen, psychotherapist and anxiety-management expert.

Are you ready to invest in your future? Anxiety Breakthroughs Coaching Home-Study System is just £99 – an incredible opportunity to invest in:

  • a private coaching call
  • 8 Modules
  • access to a private online forum
  • your own workbook
  • recordings to keep
  • backup reference materials
  • done-for-you templates

Everything you need to learn, understand and finally apply the tools and techniques which are proven to work in the real world of work, family, career, relationships, finances and everyday life.

Discover more about what you’ll get when you invest in my very special Anxiety Breakthroughs Online Home Study Course:

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Money Breakthroughs

Cleaning up how you handle money matters leads to better relationships and financial success
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Anxiety Breakthroughs Platinum Coaching Option

Private, one-to-one coaching working closely on your specific stress and anxiety issues
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Anxiety Breakthroughs Free Introductory E-Course

Not sure how to move forward? Start with my free 5-stage e-course to gain some calm and clarity
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You’ll understand you are not broken, ill or alone. In fact, the type of anxiety you feel is common to many successful people, and there are ways out. Welcome to the vast set of resources open to you now you are part of the course
4 ways to start transforming the chaos into calm – under your own control.
Discover exactly what you can do right now to stop anxiety in its tracks?
Step-by-step systems to reveal how your own mindset creates anxiety – and how you can change unhelpful thinking patterns into positive, productive, profitable thoughts.

MIDWAY ACTION POINT Find out exactly how to discover whether you are analytically-minded or whether a snappier style works best for you.

Learn how to quickly and effectively dismiss unhelpful thoughts, stop negative thought patterns in their tracks, and welcome in calm and acceptance.
Going a little further, we’ll uncover how to challenge and change your thoughts, replace them with useful thought patterns, and discover the value of Thought Logs.
The tools you need to stop emotions overwhelming you, and to start turning them to your advantage.
It doesn’t matter how bad things have been in the past, believe that you really can tame your thoughts and emotions. Fine-tune the mastery of your mind in module 6.

Unlock 2 bonus features at no further cost!

Bonus 1

Bonus features at no further cost!

You Get

Access to a closed and private Facebook page, where you can exchange notes, share ideas and get inspiration and support with others on the programme. Participation is optional.

Bonus 2

Bonus features at no further cost!

You Get

Your private coaching call with Avril Allen. Speak with me about any barriers or blocks you are experiencing as you move through the course, and discuss the best ways to implement and maintain progress.

Just £99 to gain the tools, skills and vision you need to regain control:

Real-life skills to quickly manage anxiety at (or around) work The ability to switch off anxiety Tools to help you relax the mind and body whenever you need to How to identify negative emotions before overcoming them Mental focus and emotional stability How to free up time and energy so you can move ahead with your career This is much more than an online download. It is a coached experience which supports you as you put what you learn into real, measurable action.

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