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Avril Allen is expert in helping people resolve emotional matters, tough times and decisions in a warm, yet rational, deliberate manner, coaching successful professionals, entrepreneurs & business owners with the Key to Better Relationships and Financial Success. Avril enjoys inspiring breakthroughs in confidence & enhanced performance through expert advice, tools & resources to empower and build resilience against stress. She is the Change Your Thoughts Mentor with many years’ experience as a Psychologist, Master Coach, CBT & NLP practitioner, Registered UKCP Psychotherapist and BACP Accredited Supervisor. Through EAPs she has worked with CEOs and Senior Managers in organisations such as PetroCanada, BBC, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young, FSA (Forensic Science Service), Asda, Abbot Mead Vickers, Transport for London, Merrill Lynch. Alongside meeting clients in person, she works worldwide with many success stories via telephone and internet so geography is not a problem [see "About" above]

Taming Anxiety with Anxiety Breakthroughs

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Dominated by anxious thoughts and feelings?
Struggling to just get rid of them?
Do you despair of being free of Anxiety?

Here’s an Idea for your Anxiety Toolbox:

If anxiety is ruling your life, you may think I am nuts to say so, but you are more powerful than anxious thoughts […]

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The emotional stress of anger

I am thankful that thus far today I have not had any unkind thoughts or said any harsh words or done anything that I regret.  However, now I need to get out of bed and so things may become more difficult.

How To Live A Good Life -Sylvia Boorstein
Catastrophizing about the social fallout of lockdown and […]

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News – When Less is More

Our brains are hard-wired to be more alert to news of threat than good news, which in evolutionary terms kept us alive.
The media use this to grab our attention, feeding us with an indigestible diet of dire information. Unfortunately our brains have not developed to quickly process and be discerning about which information to pay […]

Wordsworth and Social Distancing

I know the current situation will be more difficult for the gregarious ones amongst you, but even if we enjoy “wandering lonely as a cloud” we are limited to doing so in our own minds at the moment.

I am here to find out how I might serve you in the days to come.   Those of […]

What I’ve learnt from 20 years as a virtual therapist & coach

by Avril Allen MBACP UKCP – Virtual Support (Online & Telephone) Available

In the current climate we will need to be engaged remotely, though for me as coach, and for my clients, it really does not feel remote at all.

I started working virtually in my therapy practice over 20 years ago. Firstly, by phone, when a […]

“Breathe” – a Free audio to Stop Anxiety

To introduce you to my audio products, an mp3 called “BREATHE”, leading you through a short, calming breathing technique is yours when you sign up to my newsletter, on the right hand side of this page.

It is best to start this exercise by listening to the audio so that you can simply relax into it […]

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Anxiety and the Art of Indifference

3 minutes to Handle Doubts and Fears






Anxious thoughts and feelings are hard-wired into us to avoid danger. They are there to keep us safe.  But the trouble is these days we are rarely lunch for a lion and the threat is usually no more than a threat to the ego, not life and limb!  As […]

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Money Breakthroughs – Check Your Money Speedometer





Do you seem to hit an unseen barrier when it comes to generating income, or sustaining wealth you gained through hard work, luck or legacy?

A common source of anxiety and frustration for coaching clients is feeling out of control and  mystified as to where the money has gone.  If like them you are unhappy with […]

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Money Breakthroughs! – Handle the money and shed the worry

Money Taboos
I don’t know about you folks across the waters, but we Brits
have some kind of taboo on talking about money. Large
numbers of us desperately avoid bringing up the ‘M’ word in
conversation – no matter how much stress it causes in our lives.
And money worries are certainly a cause of much anxiety.

Money is one of […]

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Money Worries?

A  client once described our coaching sessions as de-cluttering the mind and this can include your money worries because
How you do money is how you do everything!

When I first heard this phrase it certainly intrigued me. With Money Breakthroughs I show you what that means and why a fresh attitude and plan for money can […]

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