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Mindfulness Body Scan Visualisation

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The Body Scan is a Visualisation for Relaxation, Focus and Clarity of Mind.


Product Description

The Body Scan is a Visualisation for Relaxation, Focus and Clarity of Mind.

This may sound strange but, as obsessed with appearance as we are in our (western) culture, very few people are in touch with their body and feel it to be the home in which they dwell. If we focus on the body at all, it is usually to judge how attractive we look, or when we are forced to by ill-health.

We rarely think about the miracle our body really is. How it can walk, talk, see, hear, regulate temperature, heal and renew cells and, yes – breathe, without our planning anything! The body performs innumerable wonderful things which we take advantage of, but do not appreciate. You are achieving something amazing just by being alive. Simply by breathing you are sharing the atmosphere with every living thing on earth.

The Body Scan is designed to help you move into experiencing your body rather than thinking about it. To tune in to the sensations of being alive and tune out the judgments, no matter how you think your body measures up to the current fashion when and where you live.

By taking awareness to the body in the moment, we open up the possibility of feeling relaxed and at home in body, mind and spirit.

(20 mins)


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